A Different Order of Magnitude

The president is going on a trip to the Orient, and every president since Reagan (except George H. W. Bush) has been to the DMZ. 
Obviously, the Secret Service has real concerns about President Trump putting himself within range of North Korean snipers. I have been around the table at Pyongyang, a few feet into North Korean territory. Having served in battle during the Korean War, it is more than a bit disconcerting to see those very tall and muscular North Korean soldiers. 

Those soldiers not only are selected for size but for their “Stink Eye” ability. They are really intimidating, and knowing their treatment of the Pueblo crew intimately, I was intimidated! Butcher’s testicles swelled to large grapefruit size periodically until his death. 

The seizure of the Pueblo proved to me that if one of those Soldiers suddenly seized me, my nation would do absolutely nothing to help me!

Now killing a US president, something we are publicly telling the world we are planning for Kim Jong UN — probably keeping him nervous, and indeed he sleeps in different places, nightly — but an American president is something of an entirely different magnitude. Of course, Kim Jon UN doesn’t think the two deaths would be of a different magnitude.

But they would.

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