My nose is starting to twitch

. My nose is a better radar than most predictors, and my nose says we are approaching crunch time with North Korea.

South Korea, and Japan have learned to live with a nuclear NK, but when the East Coast is under threat, the time has come to do something…at least in the eyes of the East Coast.

President Trump says we will “handle it” but, unless we have a secret weapon that can reduce the NK threat but spare Seoul, we have lost the game. I think we have lost the game, but what do I know of the Secret Weapon, assuming it exists.

The entire non-nuclear Air Force and Naval Air Force, Plus the missiles available could not destroy the NK million man Army, plus the 15;000 plus artillery aimed at Seoul. We can take out the nuclear and missile capability of the NK, but we can’t, I believe, stifle their retaliatory strike on the South unless I am missing something.

And I well could be missing something. We may have a weapon designed for an apocalyptic war with China and Russia that we can unveil to change the obvious equation. I hope so, but I have no confidence in it.

It’s the “pay me now or pay me later” syndrome, and we are at the “later” stage. It is a heavy lift without using nuclear weapons, and perhaps we must employ nukes. We can do it if we use nukes, perhaps tactical nukes to stop the retaliatory threat, one or two nukes on specific nuclear and Command And Control sites, but as much “Shock and Awe” conventional weapons as feasible.

Once New York and Washington are vulnerable, sphincters tighten in Congress.

Pandora is Soothing

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas music has begun!

Like turkey, Christmas music is too good to be relegated to a short season. My own tastes run to a Pandora station I have designed around Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, and I never knew their were so many renditions of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring , by Bach, or Greensleeves by some unknown itinerant English troubadour. (King Henry VIII actually put put on paper, but I suspect he merely documented an Old English ballad.)

Those are two of Hemphill’s All Time Favorites, and both are regulars in my ears. There are so many Variations on a Theme of both, that they are always fresh. I love it!

Yes, Women Are to Blame!

In this atmosphere o #METOO, we have an opportunity to return the concept of “Gentleman.”

It will not be easy. A Gentleman is a man who makes it easy for a woman to be a Lady.

We have drifted into the casualness of the lowest amongst us, to the point of making every day Casual Friday, even aping the poorest amongst us by buying pre-torn jeans.

Of course pre-torn Jeans are simply a symptom of dressing down and acting down, and it is women, those who should be upholding high standards, who primarily buy pre-torn jeans and further ape low class “slut culture” with tattoos.

So, I am putting this “rape culture” on the shoulders of women?

Of course! It is they who have accepted the role of dragging men out of their caves, where they are accustomed to belch and scratch, and into flower wallpaper walled sitting rooms. Having civilized men over millennia, women have abandoned their leadership role and permitted, through silence, to whore themselves out for the furtherance of their careers.

Could not ONE of the 60 some women coming forth have broken out of that Weinstein pack, earlier? Could not ONE of the Roy Moore victims have spoken out is ANY of Moore’s many elections? Was Charlie Rose so discrete that NONE of his many media women had a clue?

Women must now step up and seize the reins of this awkward bolting male horse. If they were more Taylor Swift and less Madonna, even, and Taylor has not the lasting power of Bach or even Antonio Carlos Jobim.

No crass has replaced Class, and everyone knows it. Women must raise their standards and their voices. You don’t have to be rich to be refined. You and the women and men you know all travel in the same social circles. If a man crosses the line, tell your women friends. If they don’t cut the guy, you need another group.

Women, quit accepting pigs! You don’t have to wear a hat to carry a Hat Pin!p


There is nothing that raises the hair on the neck of Submariners like a story of Submiss/Subsunk, which is the message heading of a missing Submarine.

Submariners, past and present, and Submarines, US, Russia or Argentine are a small, indeed tiny, community. We understand the terror of Submariners locked in a tube at the bottom of an ocean. All Submariners have been in a Submarine that was in extremis because it is in the normal life of those locked in an inescapable tube with oxygen diminishing.

In my case, I lost Classmates and friends on the loss of the USS Thresher and the USS Scorpion. We have not subsequently lost any US Submarines, but Russia has lost Submarines… and now possibly Argentina.

Yes, Submarines have “Escape Hatches” but they are useless in most cases — on my Submarines we filled them with potatoes because we could not find enough space for potatoes. In the Pacific, the depths were so deep immediately after leaving port that rescue was impossible. We joked that Escape Hatches were for our wives to feel good about our chances for rescue.

I check at least hourly about the fate of the Argentine Submarine, and get Flash notifications from news sources between my searches. I can’t find in any news report the depth of the ocean in the assumed area of the Submarine. The US is sending American assets for rescue if the Submarine can be found and can be rescued. The presumed depth is around 200 feet, and our rescue equipment can work to 850 foot depth.

Time, and oxygen is running out.


It is an unwritten rule in Washington that a winning administration does not investigate the losing administration, but in this case the losing administration candidate was particularly venal.

I don’t think that the nuclear fuel side of the potential investigation holds much promise, but the Clinton Slush Fund Side is certainly shaky. The FBI investigation of the Clinton exposure of secrets through careless handling of e-mails is my sore spot, because I know I would have been in Federal Prison if I had done that while I was in the military.

In fact I would be under the prison. It was egregious behavior and I simply don’t understand it. The findings themselves were easily worthy of prison, so it was only the conclusion that was beyond questionable — they were insane. The only thing needing investigation was the conclusion and whether it was political.

Even if the conclusion was a hope to not interfere with an election, that is not the job of the FBI.

More to the story…

While it is certainly true that men are beasts and make continued unwanted advances, there is another side of the coin that we need to examine — women who use their sex to get what they want. The silence of the Hollywood women was a desire to get, or keep good roles in film.

The way nature designed men it is almost impossible for men in power to defend themselves against designing women. I have written before about my experience in Washington with a gorgeous woman in a friendly Congressman’s office. While she and I rode a special underground “train” from the Congressional building to the Capitol, she regaled me with the sexual proclivity of various Senators.

When it came time for me to select a person for a particularly powerful TV position, I asked my staff about a particularly knowledgeable woman, and was informed that “She started as a Secretary and slept her way to the top.” I didn’t care how she got there, it was apparent she had learned along the way and was the best person for the job.

She got it!

(She was the first woman to have this particularly powerful position — and she was the first woman fired, when I fired her!)

Just noting that there is another side to the sex abuse situation.

Killing England

The Kindle App on my iPad is currently showing the Kindle Edition of Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing England and the first few chapters are most interesting.

I have read and greatly enjoyed several of his books, Killing Patton and Killing Japan, and can highly recommend them. Killing England appears to be in the same vein as the previous books, meticulously researched, detailed on the right spots, and written with a novelists’ need to entertain.

I don’t know who does what in the collaborative team of Bill O’Reilly and his researcher, Martin Ducard, but the histories are readable. It appears that, Benjamin Franklin, like Roy Moore, had a penchant for young girls

Moore Should Go For the Right Reasons, Only

Nothing in this should be construed to in favor of Judge Roy Moore, who I would have voted against before the most recent kerfuffle.

First, Alabama to most people is the Kingdom of Prester John. People don’t understand Alabama any better than they do California. I have lived in California for 60 years and I don’t understand California.

The age at which it is permitted to date a young girl is strictly a cultural thing. Marriage in pre-Victorian England was permitted at age 15, and bad old King George, whom we defeated, married Charlotte (unseen before the wedding day) at her gentle age of 17.

Culturally, the South has always allowed marriage at younger ages than most other states. Having been born in Alabama, perhaps I understand that better than others.

That said, I personally find the supposed delta between Moore’s age and 17 or 18 year old girls to be untoward and inappropriate, but that is looking through California eyes. If the report of @ 14 year old girl is true, that is beyond the pale. (Probably criminal, even in Alabama.)

We await closer examination. Right now, the politically aligned condemn and/or support based on their alignment.

I want Moore to lose to someone…just for the right reason!

Hillary Isn’t Running

The Republicans are in for a long, long Winter of Discontent because, quite honestly, Hillary Clinton isn’t on a ballot anymore.
Donald Trump won because Hillary was the opponent, not because many, except true believers, loved the noisome idiot but because they could not abide Hillary. That was a reasonable approach, given the illegal activity surrounding Hillary, who would be in prison if this was a just nation.

While it is possible that illegal activity attaches itself to the Trump campaign as well, that remains to be seen, but Hillary was dead on corrupt with her handling of Classified material on its face, and anyone who has served in the US Military knows it. 

But she is no longer available to be voted against, so the Republicans can no longer run against her. It is going to be a slog: organization, personality, money — those things a political party must attend. Attractive, articulate, personalities who can debate and differentiate their positions are the key. That never described Ed Gillespie, who was an Organization Man.

Yes, the Democrats are in disarray, but so are the Republicans. Both political parties have serious internal dissension. Our Founders didn’t address political parties because they didn’t like them.

Neither do I.

Walking Time Bombs

Walking Time Bombs are amongst us.
The Texas madman left a trail of clues, but there is no requirement that we track them. The Air Force leaving out the reporting to the national firearms database.was a seminal mistake, but the shooter left so many clues, and then went completely off the rails.

The massacre at the church was a Black Swan event (see the quote by Juvenal, Roman satirist), but it was also brilliant in a bizarre point of way . He attacked a venue where even Concealed Carry leave their guns at home. He picked a venue where everyone usually faces to the front while he enters from the rear, where there are not multiple exits and where there is no place to hide.

The madman (I refuse to use his name) was at a picnic at the church weeks earlier, but none of the advantages of the interior of a church service existed at the picnic. 

While we have a flawed firearm database, we have no mental health database at all…not that we necessarily should have because inclusion might unnecessarily stigmatize individuals, but the intersection of mental health and flawed mental health is where our problem lies. We must try to keep firearms out of the worst mental health madmen. 

That presupposes we can identify the worst mental health candidates. Some Psychologists and some Psychiatrists had this madman in their sights before the Plumber and NRA instructor had to get the Madman in his sights.

The NRA Instructor got better results.