Russia is NOT Our Friend

When I was in Uzbekistan (1987), I was impressed with two things: the produce in the Farmers Market, and the number of Islamic Mosques. Uzbekistan, at that time, was part of the Soviet Union and was Russia’s vegetable garden.
But my main memory was a 2 am drink in the bar of a small nondescript hotel with the recently retired CIA number 2 man, Ray Cline, the highest a professional could rise because the Number One is a presidential political appointee. The Number Two, who looked for all the world like Santa Claus, was a member of the media tour I was on, and I had frequent conversations with him, but that early morning I asked “Who killed JFK?”

He paused and said, “I don’t know, but I’ll tell you who was the unanimous choice of everyone on the plane taking JFK’s body back to Washington. I was on the plane and everyone suspected Castro.”

The book written by Donna Brazile, reports that she kept the blinds of the Democratic National Committee shut while she worked as the head of that office, fearing a Russian sniper.

I have seen no current demonstration of collusion between the Republicans and the Russians, but if it turns out to be proven, the it should be prosecuted as treason.

Russia is NOT our friend!

The JFK files are being slowly released by the FBI. I doubt there will be a smoking gun but certainly the assassination had something to do with the Russian/Castro axis, if nothing more than the psychological support offered Oswald by the Communists.

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