Walking Time Bombs

Walking Time Bombs are amongst us.
The Texas madman left a trail of clues, but there is no requirement that we track them. The Air Force leaving out the reporting to the national firearms database.was a seminal mistake, but the shooter left so many clues, and then went completely off the rails.

The massacre at the church was a Black Swan event (see the quote by Juvenal, Roman satirist), but it was also brilliant in a bizarre point of way . He attacked a venue where even Concealed Carry leave their guns at home. He picked a venue where everyone usually faces to the front while he enters from the rear, where there are not multiple exits and where there is no place to hide.

The madman (I refuse to use his name) was at a picnic at the church weeks earlier, but none of the advantages of the interior of a church service existed at the picnic. 

While we have a flawed firearm database, we have no mental health database at all…not that we necessarily should have because inclusion might unnecessarily stigmatize individuals, but the intersection of mental health and flawed mental health is where our problem lies. We must try to keep firearms out of the worst mental health madmen. 

That presupposes we can identify the worst mental health candidates. Some Psychologists and some Psychiatrists had this madman in their sights before the Plumber and NRA instructor had to get the Madman in his sights.

The NRA Instructor got better results.

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  1. Excellent article, Allen. Thanks!!

    Here in Huntsville, just 1/2 mile away from our home and directly across the street from a good friend’s home. one Jeffrey Franklin, age 18, went on a rampage in his home, killing his parents, two of his four siblings, and almost decapitating his youngest brother (he lived and is as last we heard, in a near vegetative state.) Jeffrey kicked with an axe. His choice of weapons kept the slaughter away from the media’s firearms obsession. Had he used an AK-47 this tragedy would’ve made all the networks.

    The carnage he left behind was so terrible that ER doctors and nurses at Huntsville Hospital were, in some instances, unable to function. The police officer who was firsts to arrive, was mentally scarred for life.

    I, like most residents of the SE Huntsville area, had seen Jeffrey waling along Bailey Cove Road wearing heavy black rain gear — all summer long. It gets HOT here!!!! There was a clue there. Something wasn’t right. His high school’s officials and its students all knew that Jeffrey’s elevator didn’t stop on all floors. He also was in to Satanism — or what he perceived it to be. .

    He also was on a cocktail of prescribed medications for his medically diagnosed personality problems. Taking the prescribed dose is one thing, but having 24/7 access to these medications combined with what obviously was a severely disturbed young man couldn’t help but eventually come to grief — as it did.

    ALL the clues were there — but nobody did anything about him. It’s scary because looking back, we should’ve recognized that he was a time bomb waiting to go off, but how are we supposed to do that?

    Jeffrey got Life, but he’s been up for parole at least once, Buthe’ll never getvot.

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