Hillary Isn’t Running

The Republicans are in for a long, long Winter of Discontent because, quite honestly, Hillary Clinton isn’t on a ballot anymore.
Donald Trump won because Hillary was the opponent, not because many, except true believers, loved the noisome idiot but because they could not abide Hillary. That was a reasonable approach, given the illegal activity surrounding Hillary, who would be in prison if this was a just nation.

While it is possible that illegal activity attaches itself to the Trump campaign as well, that remains to be seen, but Hillary was dead on corrupt with her handling of Classified material on its face, and anyone who has served in the US Military knows it. 

But she is no longer available to be voted against, so the Republicans can no longer run against her. It is going to be a slog: organization, personality, money — those things a political party must attend. Attractive, articulate, personalities who can debate and differentiate their positions are the key. That never described Ed Gillespie, who was an Organization Man.

Yes, the Democrats are in disarray, but so are the Republicans. Both political parties have serious internal dissension. Our Founders didn’t address political parties because they didn’t like them.

Neither do I.

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