Moore Should Go For the Right Reasons, Only

Nothing in this should be construed to in favor of Judge Roy Moore, who I would have voted against before the most recent kerfuffle.

First, Alabama to most people is the Kingdom of Prester John. People don’t understand Alabama any better than they do California. I have lived in California for 60 years and I don’t understand California.

The age at which it is permitted to date a young girl is strictly a cultural thing. Marriage in pre-Victorian England was permitted at age 15, and bad old King George, whom we defeated, married Charlotte (unseen before the wedding day) at her gentle age of 17.

Culturally, the South has always allowed marriage at younger ages than most other states. Having been born in Alabama, perhaps I understand that better than others.

That said, I personally find the supposed delta between Moore’s age and 17 or 18 year old girls to be untoward and inappropriate, but that is looking through California eyes. If the report of @ 14 year old girl is true, that is beyond the pale. (Probably criminal, even in Alabama.)

We await closer examination. Right now, the politically aligned condemn and/or support based on their alignment.

I want Moore to lose to someone…just for the right reason!

2 Responses

  1. Allen: You already know what I think of Roy Moore. For those of your readers who don’t, I can’t stand him. Nevertheless, he’s going to win unless somebody really proves that his alleged sexual misconduct is, in fact, proved to be true.

    If he’s forced out of the election, there is NO WAY he can be replaced. The printed Ballot is “frozen” 76 days prior to the election — by law. Absent a massive groundswell campaign to write-in another Republican candidate, Jeff Sessions’ seat will go — by default — to a virtual unknown Democrat — in one of the “reddest” States in the Union. Said groundswell currently is non-existent.

    ’tis a tangled web, we Alabamians have woven for something THIS RIDICULOUS to happen …

  2. Moore wants a Theocracy, and so do many in the Bible Belt.

    They would elect Charles Manson if he would convert and support a Christian Nation!

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