More to the story…

While it is certainly true that men are beasts and make continued unwanted advances, there is another side of the coin that we need to examine — women who use their sex to get what they want. The silence of the Hollywood women was a desire to get, or keep good roles in film.

The way nature designed men it is almost impossible for men in power to defend themselves against designing women. I have written before about my experience in Washington with a gorgeous woman in a friendly Congressman’s office. While she and I rode a special underground “train” from the Congressional building to the Capitol, she regaled me with the sexual proclivity of various Senators.

When it came time for me to select a person for a particularly powerful TV position, I asked my staff about a particularly knowledgeable woman, and was informed that “She started as a Secretary and slept her way to the top.” I didn’t care how she got there, it was apparent she had learned along the way and was the best person for the job.

She got it!

(She was the first woman to have this particularly powerful position — and she was the first woman fired, when I fired her!)

Just noting that there is another side to the sex abuse situation.

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