It is an unwritten rule in Washington that a winning administration does not investigate the losing administration, but in this case the losing administration candidate was particularly venal.

I don’t think that the nuclear fuel side of the potential investigation holds much promise, but the Clinton Slush Fund Side is certainly shaky. The FBI investigation of the Clinton exposure of secrets through careless handling of e-mails is my sore spot, because I know I would have been in Federal Prison if I had done that while I was in the military.

In fact I would be under the prison. It was egregious behavior and I simply don’t understand it. The findings themselves were easily worthy of prison, so it was only the conclusion that was beyond questionable — they were insane. The only thing needing investigation was the conclusion and whether it was political.

Even if the conclusion was a hope to not interfere with an election, that is not the job of the FBI.

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  1. Allen: Comey said that among all the other info that shouldn’t have been on Hillary’s unsecure server were a number of SMP items. I held some TS-Codeword clearances, but from what I’ve heard, SMP’s extremely low number of “need to know” individualsmakes the ones I held seem like everybody had one. That wasn’t the case, of course, so riddle me this.

    The only way that SMP could’ve been found on Hillary’s server had to have been put there by someone else — Hillary is too mindless about its significance to have put it there herself. In any event, whoever put it there had to have KNOWINGLY sent the SMP to one of Hillary’s unsecure, unclassified blog addresses — a guaranteed felony offense itself.

    The identity of that individual should be determined. Thin return for an ofer of leniency for a reduced sentence, that guy will sing like a canary.

    Lock he up!

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