There is nothing that raises the hair on the neck of Submariners like a story of Submiss/Subsunk, which is the message heading of a missing Submarine.

Submariners, past and present, and Submarines, US, Russia or Argentine are a small, indeed tiny, community. We understand the terror of Submariners locked in a tube at the bottom of an ocean. All Submariners have been in a Submarine that was in extremis because it is in the normal life of those locked in an inescapable tube with oxygen diminishing.

In my case, I lost Classmates and friends on the loss of the USS Thresher and the USS Scorpion. We have not subsequently lost any US Submarines, but Russia has lost Submarines… and now possibly Argentina.

Yes, Submarines have “Escape Hatches” but they are useless in most cases — on my Submarines we filled them with potatoes because we could not find enough space for potatoes. In the Pacific, the depths were so deep immediately after leaving port that rescue was impossible. We joked that Escape Hatches were for our wives to feel good about our chances for rescue.

I check at least hourly about the fate of the Argentine Submarine, and get Flash notifications from news sources between my searches. I can’t find in any news report the depth of the ocean in the assumed area of the Submarine. The US is sending American assets for rescue if the Submarine can be found and can be rescued. The presumed depth is around 200 feet, and our rescue equipment can work to 850 foot depth.

Time, and oxygen is running out.

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  1. We submariners have a common bond that separates us from the rest of the sea going world. — regardless of nationality.

    It’s that we all understand the Diving Equation applies to each of us, i.e., that the number of surfacings MUST equal the number of dives.

    I pray for our comrades in the missing Argentine submarine.

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