Yes, Women Are to Blame!

In this atmosphere o #METOO, we have an opportunity to return the concept of “Gentleman.”

It will not be easy. A Gentleman is a man who makes it easy for a woman to be a Lady.

We have drifted into the casualness of the lowest amongst us, to the point of making every day Casual Friday, even aping the poorest amongst us by buying pre-torn jeans.

Of course pre-torn Jeans are simply a symptom of dressing down and acting down, and it is women, those who should be upholding high standards, who primarily buy pre-torn jeans and further ape low class “slut culture” with tattoos.

So, I am putting this “rape culture” on the shoulders of women?

Of course! It is they who have accepted the role of dragging men out of their caves, where they are accustomed to belch and scratch, and into flower wallpaper walled sitting rooms. Having civilized men over millennia, women have abandoned their leadership role and permitted, through silence, to whore themselves out for the furtherance of their careers.

Could not ONE of the 60 some women coming forth have broken out of that Weinstein pack, earlier? Could not ONE of the Roy Moore victims have spoken out is ANY of Moore’s many elections? Was Charlie Rose so discrete that NONE of his many media women had a clue?

Women must now step up and seize the reins of this awkward bolting male horse. If they were more Taylor Swift and less Madonna, even, and Taylor has not the lasting power of Bach or even Antonio Carlos Jobim.

No crass has replaced Class, and everyone knows it. Women must raise their standards and their voices. You don’t have to be rich to be refined. You and the women and men you know all travel in the same social circles. If a man crosses the line, tell your women friends. If they don’t cut the guy, you need another group.

Women, quit accepting pigs! You don’t have to wear a hat to carry a Hat Pin!p

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