My nose is starting to twitch

. My nose is a better radar than most predictors, and my nose says we are approaching crunch time with North Korea.

South Korea, and Japan have learned to live with a nuclear NK, but when the East Coast is under threat, the time has come to do something…at least in the eyes of the East Coast.

President Trump says we will “handle it” but, unless we have a secret weapon that can reduce the NK threat but spare Seoul, we have lost the game. I think we have lost the game, but what do I know of the Secret Weapon, assuming it exists.

The entire non-nuclear Air Force and Naval Air Force, Plus the missiles available could not destroy the NK million man Army, plus the 15;000 plus artillery aimed at Seoul. We can take out the nuclear and missile capability of the NK, but we can’t, I believe, stifle their retaliatory strike on the South unless I am missing something.

And I well could be missing something. We may have a weapon designed for an apocalyptic war with China and Russia that we can unveil to change the obvious equation. I hope so, but I have no confidence in it.

It’s the “pay me now or pay me later” syndrome, and we are at the “later” stage. It is a heavy lift without using nuclear weapons, and perhaps we must employ nukes. We can do it if we use nukes, perhaps tactical nukes to stop the retaliatory threat, one or two nukes on specific nuclear and Command And Control sites, but as much “Shock and Awe” conventional weapons as feasible.

Once New York and Washington are vulnerable, sphincters tighten in Congress.

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