Not In MY America!

While I hope the baker wins the SCOTUS case, I deplore that it is posed as a religious right vs discrimination.

I believe even an Atheist like me should be able to refuse service to anyone he damn well please! No customer should be able to shut down a business the owner has spent years, and many dollars, developing.

Having started a small business, and taught writing of a business plan in a university, only those who have opened a small business can know the angst, the time and the hundred of thousands of dollars put into opening the door of a small business. In my case, even in the 70s, it took a year of dedication and a half million dollars.

The knowledge of what it takes to start and successfully operate a small business was ably demonstrated to me by my hundreds of students. Their ignorance mirrored the lack of knowledge of the average non owner public.

The very thought that someone who has no skin in my game could enter my business for the first time, and, based on my business decision over a $100 sale, destroy my business, force the sale of my home and cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars is beyond belief!

Not in MY America


….at the cost of their soul.

How does the Judge Roy Moore episode educate us?

It tells us there is a section of Trump supporters, zealots to be sure, who put political success over breaking the law. That policy may well extend to the president of the United States. Unlike Richard Nixon, Trump is unlikely to step down, even if indicted.

Right now, the Trump administration is doubling down on Moore, but that might become an untenable position. Each day, more evidence appears that Moore is lying about knowing the women when they were young girls.

Perhaps Trump is hoping that Moore will win, get sworn in, resign and let the Republican Governor appoint a less flawed Senator. The proof that a deal has been made is the resumed participation of the Republican Party.

That is risky, but from a political standpoint, it will retain a Senate majority for the Republicans.but at the cost of their soul.