Lilac Fire Was Too Close

The local fire started 10 miles north of us, and went straight West, sparing our small community. Firefighters just switched from defense to offense.

So far, this local fire has burned 60 homes. In the last huge fire, San Diego lost 2,100 homes but we are much better prepared, and we have Navy and Marine assets in use. In the big fire, in 2003, Navy firefighting helicopters sat running on the runways. Today, they fly.

This fire is concentrated in Bonsall, a big horse community. Some 800 horses have been rescued and taken to the Del Mar racetrack, but at least 15 horses died. Many private horse trailers from as far away as Arizona are lined up to effect rescues.

Del Mar put out call for hay, and they now have a mountain of hay. San Diego is responding.

Our community is particularly vulnerable. We are 1,800 homes at the top of a 1,500 foot hill on a huge natural mesa. The cheapest home in our community is valued over half a million dollars, and we have only one way up the hill and down the hill.

Our personal situation (if we have time) is to grab valuables, including paintings, push them into plastic bags and take everything just 100 feet onto the golf course. We have a pond for our personal protection if the firestorm gets too strong. The golf course won’t burn, and they will have their huge sprinklers going full blast IF THEY HAVE ELECTRICITY. Our personal concern is smoke.

Our home is a shake shingle home that will be an absolute torch! We have a new roof going on today, but it is no help in a firestorm.

It Is strong Santa Ana winds that cause our fire problems. We had mild temperatures yesterday, 77 degrees, and winds of 60 mph, and humidity of four percent. It happens often at this time of year.

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