Sinecures in D.C.

Great article in the LA Times today about getting the bureaucrats out of Washington and into other parts of the country.

I think it would be great to move the entire national apparatus to Denver or Salt Lake City, and I have written newspaper articles to that effect for years. In this day of instant communications, where the physical headquarters lay, is virtually immaterial.

The Washington, D.C. area has generated more than 10 generations of bureaucrats, and some individuals have their DNA at the same desk for about 200 years. It is time for a change.

This idea has been studied by many administrations, at least back to the Reagan administration. No one has been able to pull the trigger, but Trump is certainly able to effect ideas that have generated for decades, as the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem has demonstrated.

Bureaucrats of course have shot down the idea. Their positions have become generational sinecures, but the time is long past for new blood. One proposal is to move the Department of Transportation to LA, another to move the FBI to Detroit.

As one of the Cabinet members notes, the Bureau of Land Management controls federal lands, and 99% of those lands are West of the Mississippi.

There is no better way to drain the swamp!

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