San Diego Fires are Contained

The Lilac Fire in San Diego is 92% contained but San Diego has dodged a bullet — this one could have easily gone all the way to the ocean, wiping out Oceanside!

As it happens, this one went right through horse country, and San Diego County has the most horses of any County in America. We lost 49 horses, mostly thoroughbreds being trained at San Luis Ray Downs.

A friend of 40 plus years had to evacuate her family and horses from her nearby ranch, the Four Fillies Ranch. The San Diego Humane Society rolled up with their horse trailers and saved their horses, but I saw trucks and horse trailers lined up as far as the eye could see, waiting for instructions as to where to go to evacuate horses.

Fortunately, our San Diego weather has held at 80 degrees each day but we need rain. Rain is a two aged sword, it dampens fires but makes a future generation of weeds and underbrush grow — the fuel for future fires.

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