“Keep up!”

Clue: Most states have hills! Some states even have mountains! Cars with small engines don’t develop enough torque for hills!

Auto manufacturers, no doubt as an answer to some federal fuel demands, produce some of the most anemic engines in history. We have not yet been reduced to the Model A method of having to back up hills to use the lowest gear, but we are going there, fast. Or more accurately, slowly.

I have abandoned my search for a Crossover vehicle because they are normally powered (sic) with 2.0 turbocharged engines. If we start with Engineering 101, we. Learn that horsepower maintains speed, but torque gets you there. Small engines don’t produce much torque, even turbocharged engines.

Here in Southern California we have hills, lots of them. In my freeway travels, the speed going up minor hills drops from 82 MPH to 75 MPH. That reduction is caused by the drivers of newer cars believing their turbocharged cars are powerful. Perhaps they even want to move over to a slightly slower lane but find that too crowded. The results to following drivers with more powerful cars is the same — slowing. Substantial slowing! Frustrating, slowing!

And it’s all caused by lack of torque. That, and of course ignorance on the part of car buyers who don’t look for torque ratings. The cry from me is constantly, “Keep Up” because so many simply don’t. Southern California isn’t the Autobahn, but it is faster than a 2.0 liter can move a regular sized car up a hill. I see it every day I am out and about.

Drives me crazy! I don’t honk or flip people off, I only mutter about it. Constantly!

2 Responses

  1. Interesting. Try a hybrid. Our Prius v and Camry will both easily top 75mph by Hi Mtn Rd from a dead stop at the traffic lights. Give you a ride if you like.

    • We can meet and have a go! I have topped the ridge above 100mph, but then I was a licensed SCCA racing driver for a decade.

      There is nothing wrong with Prius — just Prius drivers. (Present company excluded, of course!). Prius drivers buy their cars for economy and insist on getting every drop for their. Investment, just as performance owners use the performance of their cars. I hate Prius owners, who are, by nature, worse than their actual auto!

      On the other hand I love hybrids with KERS systems. Some are beastly fast!

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