A Tax Return On a Post Card?

The worry about what someone else is getting in the Tax Reform Bill is pure envy.

In this case it is also Class Warfare against the “rich” who also pay the most taxes by far, and deserve the most relief from this onerous and expensive tax system. We continually get promised a tax return on the back of a post card, but instead we get hoards of tax preparers, CPAs, and Attorneys who exist only to help us fill out our taxes!

If, as the Trump Administration claims, the regulations have been reduced 22 times for every new regulation, they could try to attack the tax code with greater vigor. Nearly every state has a method of collecting sales taxes so a federal sales tax could easily be added to that system. A federal sales tax is even progressive, since the rich buy much more expensive items tha the poor.

That would permit the firing of all IRS agents, and the destruction of not just an entire federal tax bureaucracy but that parasite tax preparation industry!

That would be a great Trump legacy

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