We Live In Interesting Times

There is more going on than that in Washington. Elon’s Musk has unveiled his Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the US interstellar rocket. The rocket is ready to be launched next month, and even Musk says there is a good chance that the initial launch will provide a great pyrotechnic for the evening news. Since Musk can’t sell space aboard his initial flight, the risk being too great, he will launch one of his Tesla automobiles to circle Mars…assuming…

Hey! It’s his company, actually both SpaceX that develops Falcon Heavy, and Tesla Automobiles are Musk companies, so it’s the perfect means of advertising Tesla automobiles. On the cheap!

Might just as well. I just want this huge rocket to succeed, so SpaceX can get on to an even stronger BFR, their Big F#@&ing Rocket. Space is soon to be 5he playground of Billionaires, Musk and Bezos. Hope I live long enough to see great things!

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