10% Sounds Just Fine

I have no idea if Trump and Nikki Haley are serious about holding our allies feet to the fire over their votes in the United Nations, but if they are it makes me happy.

Now, it’s not a direct threat regarding a vote over the US moving its Embassy to Jerusalem, but rather a more veiled threat that we are looking at UN votes for support from our allies — allies to whom we send financial support.

Lots of it. We have ignored votes in the UN for too long. Nations have been able to take our money and ignore our interests with impunity. Apparently no longer!

Good! Actions have consequences — or they should have consequences.

Nothing the UN votes upon has any impact upon our actions, of course, but many nations have taken our coin with one hand and slapped us with the other. Many years ago I read that Mexico had voted against us more often than Russia. I have no idea who is on our Sierra list currently, but I hope Trump follows through with at least a 10% reduction in funding for those Sierra List nations, just as a shot across the bow. Each insult in the future would be another 10%.

A reduction of 10% of dues to the United Nations would be a good start, as well.

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