25th Amendment Now Not Viable

Some TV shows are so predictable!

I love Madam Secretary! Yes, I know that it was designed several years ago to boost the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, but the pace is great, the acting is excellent, and the plots first class.

Last Sunday’s show was right on schedule — the 25th Amendment…removal of a president for reasons of mental incapacity. If it had been done at any other time, the plot would have been educational, but in this point of the Trump (or at least before today’s Doctor evaluation), it was designed to skewer the president.

Alas, had the show aired just a week from now, the plot would not even have political benefit even for the small percentage of a single day, not that liberals care since they would ignore the Doctor’s professional opinion anyway. I am not certain that talk of the 25th Amendment will be stifled, anyway.

Preconceived political notions are immune to Fact.



I am torn between two ideas of the DACA 800,000. First, there is a general justice concept that no one should benefit from illegal behavior. If the parents had robbed a bank and bought the children cars, the cars would be confiscated when the parents were arrested.

Secondly, however, is the fact that many of these are people who have no knowledge of the language or culture of anywhere but this country. They would be strangers in a Strange land — certainly as educated people they would be elites and able to compete.

What bothers me is that instead of throwing themselves on the mercy of the world’s most merciful and generous people, they demand something they otherwise would not be eligible for. I think that is what sticks in my craw


The TPS (Temporary Protected Status) of some 195,000 Salvadorians will be taken away in September, and the whining has already begun.

The operative word is “Temporary” but of course the Open Borders Whiners can no more understand that word than can they get “Illegal” in the context of some 11 million Border crashers.

I love immigration, but I hate line breakers in every environment, and there are millions who want to cut in line. And millions more who support cutting in line. I admit I don’t understand the line cutter supporters more than I do the line cutters themselves.

So we have hundreds of Salvadorians about to be slowly deported from a “Temporary” status they received in the year 2000 because of a pair of earthquakes in 2001. The US sent millions of dollars to repair the infrastructure that was the reason for their seeking Sanctuary, and the US has granted them several extensions…but their time is up.

As it should be!

The Good With the Bad

The American public accepted the negative personal attributes of Donald Trump, because they wanted to send a middle finger to Washington, and everyone else running in the Republican Primary was far too establishment. Fully buttoned down, Republican.

It was Faustian bargain, and it turns out to be a high cost. At least some people thought, or hoped that the history of the White House would take some of the sharp edges off Trump’s personality, but history appears to be one of his academic failings.

But Trump is, as advertised, the Anti-Obama, and his appointments and policies are first rate.

His Twitter feeds, not so much!

A Stirring Battle, A Great listen

If you are looking for a great audio book listen, may I recommend “Agincourt” by Bernard Cornwell.

In the annals of impossible victories against all odds, the British victory of 6,000 men against perhaps 30,000 French at Agincourt ranks high, and although this is a highly personal novel it is historically accurate when measured against BBC and other available YouTube videos.

Not only were the British vastly outnumbered, they were also starving, and suffering from deadly dysentery. All the British wanted was to get to Calais, 30 miles away, for food and to sail home.

But the British Forces were almost all Longbowman, and although short of arrows — they had not expected to be intercepted while trying to leave France, their shortage of arrows did not stop them from creating a sky black with arrows for a short time.

As the first line of the French advanced, they were met by 60,000 arrows a minute, from what were the finest bowmen in Britain, and by law, all sports except archery had been, banned in Britain for decades. These Archers were the professional athletes of Britain, the local tournament champions, able to send from 12 to 20 arrows a minute each, and as far as 300 yards!

This novel accurately depicts the horrors of war in graphic detail, but at least in those days as in this battle, the King of England, Henry V, stood at the front of his men and personally took the blows from the enemy. (His helmet was dented, and his tunic slashed!)

It was not just in this battle. Kings were expected to lead, not just send the youth of the country to war. In this battle, alone, the French lost 98 members of their nobility, and 1,500 Knights, plus is thousands of infantry. (The British lost only 100 or so, total, and only one Archer!)

Moving in the Right Direction

John Brennan, former CIA Director and now a paid CNN “Analyst” told Jake Tapper that the withdrawal of aid to Pakistan is inappropriate and the call for examining Huma Abedin is “wrong.”

Elections have consequences, and the frenemy with Pakistan was necessary while we built up our forces in Afghanistan, but that is not our current need and so we can afford to hold

Why is it that either of those items are news to John Brennan — Trump told the news about both of those. , and neither is “wrong” or “inappropriate.” Pakistan has extorted more than $10 BILLION from us while they gave the Afghanistan Taliban a Sanctuary, actually giving Osama bin Laden Sanctuary just blocks from the Pakistan Military Academy.

As to Huma, there is ample evidence that she should be in jail, joining her boss, Hillary. If there is anything to equal treatment under the law, I would have been in jail if, as a Submarine Officer, I had done the same!