Moving in the Right Direction

John Brennan, former CIA Director and now a paid CNN “Analyst” told Jake Tapper that the withdrawal of aid to Pakistan is inappropriate and the call for examining Huma Abedin is “wrong.”

Elections have consequences, and the frenemy with Pakistan was necessary while we built up our forces in Afghanistan, but that is not our current need and so we can afford to hold

Why is it that either of those items are news to John Brennan — Trump told the news about both of those. , and neither is “wrong” or “inappropriate.” Pakistan has extorted more than $10 BILLION from us while they gave the Afghanistan Taliban a Sanctuary, actually giving Osama bin Laden Sanctuary just blocks from the Pakistan Military Academy.

As to Huma, there is ample evidence that she should be in jail, joining her boss, Hillary. If there is anything to equal treatment under the law, I would have been in jail if, as a Submarine Officer, I had done the same!

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