The TPS (Temporary Protected Status) of some 195,000 Salvadorians will be taken away in September, and the whining has already begun.

The operative word is “Temporary” but of course the Open Borders Whiners can no more understand that word than can they get “Illegal” in the context of some 11 million Border crashers.

I love immigration, but I hate line breakers in every environment, and there are millions who want to cut in line. And millions more who support cutting in line. I admit I don’t understand the line cutter supporters more than I do the line cutters themselves.

So we have hundreds of Salvadorians about to be slowly deported from a “Temporary” status they received in the year 2000 because of a pair of earthquakes in 2001. The US sent millions of dollars to repair the infrastructure that was the reason for their seeking Sanctuary, and the US has granted them several extensions…but their time is up.

As it should be!

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