25th Amendment Now Not Viable

Some TV shows are so predictable!

I love Madam Secretary! Yes, I know that it was designed several years ago to boost the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, but the pace is great, the acting is excellent, and the plots first class.

Last Sunday’s show was right on schedule — the 25th Amendment…removal of a president for reasons of mental incapacity. If it had been done at any other time, the plot would have been educational, but in this point of the Trump (or at least before today’s Doctor evaluation), it was designed to skewer the president.

Alas, had the show aired just a week from now, the plot would not even have political benefit even for the small percentage of a single day, not that liberals care since they would ignore the Doctor’s professional opinion anyway. I am not certain that talk of the 25th Amendment will be stifled, anyway.

Preconceived political notions are immune to Fact.

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