I Liked The Egyptian ISIS Better

I am so glad that ISIS is seldom in the news, because they have the same name as an Egyptian God, Isis, whom was much worshiped for over 3,000 years first by the Egyptians, then the Greeks, and finally by the Romans. Isis was important because she promised life after death, and as late as 79 AD, her initiates were baptized in water brought from the Nile to a Baptismal in Pompeii.

The Romans welcomed those from foreign lands throughout the Empire, and everyone was free to worship whatever “God” they wished, so long as they also worships the Emperor who was also a “God” and some of whom claimed to heal the sick.)

We know of the Baptism by water because the Roman inscription and the Sanctuary were excavated from the ruins caused by the eruption of Vesuvius, and the excavation of Pompeii gives us a snapshot of life in the Roman world.

Baptism in water, healing the sick and life after death. It seems I have heard of that somewhere…

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