Jared Should Be Downgraded to Civilian!

Suppose that Hillary had won the presidency, and had hired Chelsea as a primary advisor with access to the highest classified documents. Suppose further that Chelsea had her final Security Clearance withheld for more than a year because the FBI was concerned with something in her background.

Conservatives would be enraged! They would be calling for Chelsea’s head and Hillary would be called a security risk herself for even appointing Chelsea to a presidential advisor office.

Nepotism seldom works! It certainly isn’t working here in the Trump administration. The latest is that the president’s son-in-law has had his security clearance downgraded. He should be downgraded to civilian.

It’s Not Easy

Bringing a knife or a pistol to a long gun fight was defined as suicide in my Texas youth.

Now I have no objection to arming teachers, but I recognize that most armed teachers will not run to the sound of gunfire, just as most Army Riflemen do not pull the trigger in a firefight.

Certainly some teachers will at least protect their classroom, as much in self defense as anything, but even that is an improvement.

Personally, I prefer a metal detector and bag check in a single point of entrance, but I recognize that a dedicated shooter can shoot his way past an armed entry, before a couple of armed guards can respond.

Combine an armed single entry with armed teachers and you start to harden the site.

A suicide shooter, well armed and with body armor can get into a school, or a government office for that matter…but they can be slowed and the body count can be reduced.

Somehow we have to get the trained and paid people in the Police, Sheriffs, and FBI to earn their pay! They blew the Florida shooter seven days to Sunday. Never have so many obvious errors caused so many deaths.

But, as well as we do, we don’t do enough. We can’t do enough, but we fall short by a huge measure.

I am glad that private groups step up. But they should not have to step up!

Not Enough!

Every time I write a check to the Disabled American Veterans I wonder why it is that our disabled troops don’t get EVERYTHING they deserve from the VA?

They don’t, of course, although certainly the VA in San Diego is rated excellent. They have excellent clinics open seven days a week, and they treat veterans with skill and care.

Our treatment of our Vets certainly improves on what happened to British wounded after they returned from defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, when those who lost limbs were consigned to begging on the streets of London by the thousands.

But, as well as we do, we don’t do enough. We can’t do enough, but we fall short by a huge measure.

I am glad that private groups step up. But they should not have to step up!

There is a Message There

It really makes me smile: Those CNN commentators who call for massive gun control to increase safety, passed through a massive badge, bag check and metal detector just to get into the CNN Atlanta building.

Despite widespread national anger at the liberals at CNN, even mentally disturbed conservatives don’t attack the CNN headquarters, because they know they can never get to whomever it is they particularly dislike.

There is a message there.

Red Flag Law

California has a law, AB-1014, that permits law enforcement to seize the guns of individuals who are adjudged by a Court to be a danger to themselves or others, or those convicted of spousal abuse. I know it because 10 individuals just had their guns seized in San Diego County. It is referred to as a “Red Flag Law.”

That law, had it been available in Florida could certainly have been used by his host family or law enforcement (who were called 39 times to the address) to seize Cruz’s weapon. Of course Cruz could always get another on the street, but at least Cruz would be on the Court’s attention as well as their feckless law enforcement.

There are only five states with the program that lets law enforcement seize those guns, with authority from the Court. The person whose guns are seized may have their guns returned only after they have gone to anger management classes, although I doubt any classes would have helped anyone as damaged as is Cruz.

Still, the law does what everyone agrees should be done — it keeps guns and the criminally damaged apart, at least for a short period and puts the Courts in the process.

No, I don’t have great confidence in the Courts, nor law enforcement, but between the two perhaps someone, somewhere, will do something right.

Sorry that their school didn’t have at least the protection of the Washington Post, the San Diego Union or NYTimes. Apparently we treasure Journalists more than School Children.

Get it Together!

Really bad time for the FBI!

Not only was the top fully active in trying to set up a bloodless coup to effect a win for Hillary over Trump, but the bottom botched two direct warnings over the Florida shooter.

I also believe they are complicit in the failure to complete more than 100 security clearances in the White House. If the FBI can’t clear you in 13 months, the must fail you. They have all the details within 90 days…you either must pass or fail.

Not good. We depend on the FBI. They need to get it together.

Chaos is Chaos!

Great! Russians have been indicted!

Donald Trump may not believe it, but the Russians tried to help him and hurt Hillary. They didn’t do it to support the concepts of Trumpism, or Trump, but to create chaos. Hillary was more of the same, but Trump would create chaos…although the Russians didn’t know in what direction, and they didn’t care.

Chaos is chaos, and chaos is weakening