Two Brief Observations

Humans in our form have had the ability to adapt to changing climate in the world. Other mammals have not.

The greatest invention of the past 200 years is not the Computer, but modern transportation that allows humans to grow, work and die more than 10 miles from their birth.

These two observations become operative each night when I see cars on TV slipping and sliding on ice and snow on freeways, and flights canceled, while I luxuriate in 85 degree weather.

I owe it all to that train ride I took from Houston to San Diego in a Navy group enroute to Boot Camp. With that train ride I discovered that growing up in San Antonio was not all I had thought concerning what life offered. Now marching on the “Grinder” during that Summer of 1951 was awful, but the thought that Winter was also about the same temperature led me to select San Diego right out of the Naval Academy.

Subsequently, traveling the world introduced me to Hawaii and with that I wondered why Southern California and Hawaii were not vertical populations while the Mid West and New England were not population deserts?

Nothing in my 84 years has satisfactorily answered that question, and it remains amongst several other mysteries of life.

Example: Religion from RAM and Isis to the multiple modern religions, historically thousands of religions, all of which feature taking care of the poor, then why do we still have poor? (Here in San Diego, we have a Homeless crises, while churches, temples and mosques remain heated and vacant.)

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