A Mess

Someone on This Week (ABC), remarked that Donald Trump could not get a Clearance to whorl in the White House.

Unfortunately, that’s true. Trump has 12 women who have charged the president with sexual impropriety, has recently settled millions of dollars for fraud charges in the Trump University saga, and his first wife charged him with rape in her divorce papers.

I couldn’t have received, or maintained my Top Secret Clearance with Trump’s background!

Of course, Hillary couldn’t get a clearance, either, considering Comey’s verbal indictment, even though he decided not to recommend a legal indictment.

The voters were faced with an impossible choice. The voters made their decision, and that decision was disruption, but it still doesn’t give Trump a pass on his behavior and unfortunately his behavior has permeated a White House climate. The position of Presidential Secretary is at the very top of the Classified Food Chain, and it needs to be filled only by the highest “Eyes Only” Qualified person.

That person was not Rob Porter, and people near the president knew that!

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