Red Flag Law

California has a law, AB-1014, that permits law enforcement to seize the guns of individuals who are adjudged by a Court to be a danger to themselves or others, or those convicted of spousal abuse. I know it because 10 individuals just had their guns seized in San Diego County. It is referred to as a “Red Flag Law.”

That law, had it been available in Florida could certainly have been used by his host family or law enforcement (who were called 39 times to the address) to seize Cruz’s weapon. Of course Cruz could always get another on the street, but at least Cruz would be on the Court’s attention as well as their feckless law enforcement.

There are only five states with the program that lets law enforcement seize those guns, with authority from the Court. The person whose guns are seized may have their guns returned only after they have gone to anger management classes, although I doubt any classes would have helped anyone as damaged as is Cruz.

Still, the law does what everyone agrees should be done — it keeps guns and the criminally damaged apart, at least for a short period and puts the Courts in the process.

No, I don’t have great confidence in the Courts, nor law enforcement, but between the two perhaps someone, somewhere, will do something right.

Sorry that their school didn’t have at least the protection of the Washington Post, the San Diego Union or NYTimes. Apparently we treasure Journalists more than School Children.

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