It’s Not Easy

Bringing a knife or a pistol to a long gun fight was defined as suicide in my Texas youth.

Now I have no objection to arming teachers, but I recognize that most armed teachers will not run to the sound of gunfire, just as most Army Riflemen do not pull the trigger in a firefight.

Certainly some teachers will at least protect their classroom, as much in self defense as anything, but even that is an improvement.

Personally, I prefer a metal detector and bag check in a single point of entrance, but I recognize that a dedicated shooter can shoot his way past an armed entry, before a couple of armed guards can respond.

Combine an armed single entry with armed teachers and you start to harden the site.

A suicide shooter, well armed and with body armor can get into a school, or a government office for that matter…but they can be slowed and the body count can be reduced.

Somehow we have to get the trained and paid people in the Police, Sheriffs, and FBI to earn their pay! They blew the Florida shooter seven days to Sunday. Never have so many obvious errors caused so many deaths.

But, as well as we do, we don’t do enough. We can’t do enough, but we fall short by a huge measure.

I am glad that private groups step up. But they should not have to step up!

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