Our Standing Tariff

I would be opposed to the announced steel and aluminum tariffs, if that’s what they are but it is obviously an opening move in an effort to reduce tariffs worldwide.

Of course we would be on stronger ground if we would reduce our tariffs on sugar. We have had tariffs on foreign sugar since 1789, and right now the tariffs amounts to 6 cents a pound. That means Americans paid more than $1.4 billion each year more than if sugar was not protected by tariffs, and sugar users like chocolate manufacturers like Hershey could pay world market prices.

Our sugar growers have been protected for centuries.

If, and only if the president is trying to get China’s tariff on automobiles down from 25% on our cars by putting a 10% on their steel and thereby get Chinas’ attention.

Many nations have tariffs, and all should have none.

We could start with sugar.