Deadly, and Largely Unnecessary

The number of flu deaths has risen to 319 just in San Diego County, with 11 new deaths last week.

I spent five days in the hospital myself, when the Urgent Care could get no blood pressure.

This was a self inflicted wound on my part, because I thought that a flu shot with as little as 16% efficiency would not be worth the effort! Wrong again, Hemphill. I’ll be standing at the front of the line next year because the flu knocked me for a loop.

Because I am 84, and my blood pressure was unmeasurable, I was admitted to Sharp Hospital for five days. I was released a few days early because I have so much support at home, but I am now fully recovered. Well, nearly.

Fortunately, with the help of TheraFlu, the matter resolved early and my household was protected. The flu was brought into my home by my General Factorum, who is from Guatemala, and although a Green Card holder of more than a decade, still holds to some backward medical concepts.

We will all be better prepared next year. I suggest you be ready also. Flu can be deadly.

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  1. I am so happy that modern medicine intervened and made you well again. Not the case in many countries that are not very far from the USA.


  2. Allen, I hope you are better and well now. Flu was rampant this year across the country. I am south of Philadelphia. It affected me and my family. It rendered me useless for nearly a week and almost hospitalized me. At 67 years of age I felt as if I suddenly was 100. I am a Submariner and served aboard SSBN 617 USS Alexander Hamilton and SSBN 600 USS Theodore Roosevelt. You may remember that I contacted you quite a number of years ago about AGER 2 crew member Rizalino Aluague and Pete Bucher. I am also an Admin of multiple Facebook groups with memberships numbering in excess of 20,000 men. Cold War Submarine Veterans is the name of the group with the largest number of men. You may want to join us. It’s global and includes both enlisted and officers from various countries and our old adversary…..the former USSR. Our members range from E-3 up to Admiral. I know you served aboard USS Ronquil. Yes, we have Ronquil sailors in the groups. I haven’t read your blog in recent times but I have returned to follow you and the blog…..Best wishes.

    • Great! I’ll join! I served on Baya, Ronquil and Diodon.

      Thank you!

      • Good to hear that from you. The page can be found simply by searching Facebook…key words Cold War Submarine Veterans. We are the ORIGINAL group with 12,000+ members. The banner has an FBM boat, US, UK, Russian Dolphins and ….The “Cup” shown in the banner currently. Tonight 4/9/18 around 2400 it will change to Thresher in memory of the 129 Submarine Sailors and civilians who perished. The group is akin to Mensa in a Biker bar. I’m sure you will get my meaning. After you arrive I’ll announce you along with other recent admissions. I generally do that on a weekend. Thanks Allen. See you there.

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