Thumbs Up For My Local VA

At my advanced age of 84, I have finally turned to the VA for a service, and at least in San Diego County, my VA support is great. I have used a VA advocacy group as well, and my results were awful, but the VA itself has been wonderful.

I have seen no national news complaints about San Diego, and I suspect that is because San Diego has a huge military population and the San Diego VA has responded. The huge La Jolla VA has specialty clinics open even on every Sunday.

As a retired Submarine Officer, I get free medical care almost anywhere I please, for both me and my spouse. This is available to all retired folks, but every now and then the VA offers something I can’t otherwise easily get, in this case hearing aids.

As to privatizing the VA, I do support that because we identified the felonious actors in other state’s VA who have been demoted but can’t be fired because of Civil Service rules. They still draw their original salary. This is insane.

Those other VA sites may have had felonious leadership, but that is not the current state of affairs in San Diego. Reading history I find the soldiers wounded in the British defeat of Napoleon, sat lining the streets of London as beggars.

We do so much better! The local VA gets my vote as a responsive entity.

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