California Permits Driverless Cars (Sort of)

California will now permit fully driverless cars in some geographic areas.

The cars must meet Stage 4 requirements, and right now WaMo is the only service testing at that level. WaMo has ordered 2,000 Jaguars for future service as something, probably as self-driving taxis. Of course Uber is testing as well, but apparently is lagging slightly in technology.

Two recent deaths from semiautonomous vehicles (One a Tesla), makes headlines but begs the question of who was to blame? And in truth it is mostly an academic question because a fleet of Stage 4 autonomous vehicles will be demonstrably more safe than Southern California.

I am glad I got to drive for more than 60 years, even racing in licensed SCCA events. Driving well has been a skill I have enjoyed. At my advanced age, I’ll admit I like some of the safety items in modern cars, but using vehicles strictly as transportation is one step too far for me.