Russia Can’t Retaliate Militarily

Russia won’t retaliate. Syria can’t retaliate, and neither can Iran.

That leaves Russia. Russia could retaliate, but not militarily. Russia has great science, and poor manufacturing, which leaves them with about half the capability of our military. Their much shorter supply lines to Syria helps, but not in a general war. The addition of France and Britain more than offsets Russia’s shorter supply line.

Russia blusters above their actual weight, but if they want to retaliate militarily they are woefully underpowered. And, in addition to our on-scene forces, another aircraft carrier task force is to arrive in just a few days.

One of our patrolling jets may well get a missile fired at it, either from Syrian or a Russian jet. Our guys are ready, because they know this. Since our jets have standoff capability a third longer than Russian jets, so the advantage is with our guys.

Russia is left pretty much impotent. Someone recently called Russia, “A gas station with nuclear weapons.” That is accurate. Russia economy is built on selling gas and oil, but they do have nuclear weapons. They are not going to start a nuclear war, so they are left with bluster!

Just remember, Russia was tasked with removing Syria’s gas capabilities, and they guaranteed that they had done so. They obviously lied.

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