Homes for Homeless

“Tiny Homes” can now be built in less than 24 hours by a giant 3D printer, and for less than $4,000 each. Of course permits, sewer connections, kitchen appliances, bathroom equipment, furniture and other costs raise this number, substantially.

There are plans to use Tiny Homes for the “homeless” which is a good idea, or at least one worthy of investigation. The question is how to find land on which to put the Tiny Homes. Apparently, the current concept calls from leasing the back yards of existing residential properties, but to say this will cause social unrest is an understatement!

Not everyone is going to welcome one of the “homeless” coming to the back door to ask for a cup of sugar and a few dollars! I’ll bet there will be volunteers, nonetheless, and I’ll bet that the distribution will be sufficiently great that it will not onerous to a neighborhood.

It’s worth a try.

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