California Dreaming

Every day, as I sit on my warm Lanai in the County of San Diego, California, I read (and occasionally write) complaints about California.

So long as California is the 6,7 or 8th strongest economy in the world, they can pretty much do as they please. Communist China does not need to change for the same reason, but Venezuela must change because they lost their oil economy. (Although oil prices may yet save them.)

Right now, California can be as “communist” or at least as Leftist as they wish to be. So long as the overall economy hums, they can lose as many manufacturing plants, say good-bye to as many Middle Class families, be as anti-Trump as they wish to be. The Democratic-For-Life government of California collects so much in taxes that they have zero reason to change, and since the federal government provides it military protection, it won’t change.

Period. -30- and all that. We can complain, but complaints don’t take money from the Sacramento coffers, and nothing is going to change.

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