Rent Control is Theft

The demands for Rent Control in San Diego continues the trend set by the Have Nots to steal from the Haves, through the use of government power.

This “stealing” as it were, has several obvious angles. The forcing out of bakery business by a couple of homosexuals who had other alternatives…I recall disabled suing owners of cafes whose mirrors were 1/4 inch too high for those in wheelchairs to see their entire bodies.

Rent Control is the next phase for those with little, to have government take from those who have invested their life savings into owning a rental property, and give some guy off the street a continuing economic benefit.

It is the same with Bakers who lose their business to two guys who have never put one dime into the business, although the renters would not put themselves in the same Economic Warfare category to take money from investors…but they are.

To use government force to take money, or punish someone for having more money is theft, pure and simple

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