Spygate is A Nothingburger!

“Spygate” is a nothingburger. Trey Gowdy has more reliability than Trump, hell, my Starbucks Barista is more reliable than a Trump statement, but Trey is walking on hot lava by saying there was no spying on the Trump campaign.

TrumpBots will savage anyone who, even in the slightest any Papal Pronuncio of the Pope in the White House! I spend nearly every waking hour debating TrumpBots over the Hero status of John McCain. TrumpBots, who two years ago thought McCain a hero, today call him a traitor and only because of his feud with Trump.

Trey, who is a certifiably good conservative, would make a great president.

The Keys to Fort Knox?

The meeting between Un and Trump is already a success, at least by their criteria.

The NK gets recognition as a World Power, by meeting the leader of the Free World. The US President gets to check off a campaign promise, and test his negotiating skills.

But the NKoreans giving up the Nukes that got them here? No chance! The NKoreans will chance Trumps kinetic attack, risking everything against the US testing WWIII.

The NKoreans hold all the cards. They have the Nukes. They have the missiles. Our military is badly degraded both in size and spare parts. Yes, we could pulverize the North, but at what risk to bringing in China and Russia, each of which is not too much of a challenge, but both of which together are very dangerous.

Trump has his work cut out. What can he offer, short of the keys to Fort Knox, to get Un to give up “what got him to this point”?

Trump is Being Played

Kim Jung Un is playing us like a violin. You will note that the two Carrier Groups are not off Wonsan, and the NK has given NOTHING, except three American prisoners the NK never should have had! That explosion was at a mountain that had already imploded and could no longer be used!

I’m glad Trump called it all off, but then he will be blamed. Better still he should have gone to Singapore and challenged Un to come.

This “negotiation” has already begun between low level people who cannot make decisions, but it is apparent that the first negotiating positions (Total disarmament, and gradual disarmament with US matching concessions), are non starters.

NORMALLY (whatever “normal” is when dealing with the NK) the US has been down this Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown scenario us for 24 years, after Jimmy Carter visited NK without the consent of Bill Clinton…or possibly with.

All during the decades, with Nuclear Monitors or without, the NK has steadily moved forward and today is a nuclear power. We don’t like it, but they have at least six nuclear weapons and the means to deliver a few anywhere they choose.

They are a nuclear nation!

Diplomacy failed. Negotiations failed. The NK has spent the treasure of their nation for decades, and they are getting only the first payoff, a face-to-face meeting with the President of the United States. Not bad for a leader of a prison camp with nuclear weapons. A coup of the first order, and if you can keep the Leader of the Western World waiting, so much the better!

And the two Carrier Groups are nowhere to be seen. The Great Negotiator is being played, as are we all.


I have finally found a WiFi router that works! It has been a 20 year, costly and frustrating search.

No, I don’t have a huge brick mansion with wire mesh stretched across walls, just a small wood cottage. There is absolutely nothing to attenuate a WiFi signal, but for some reason I have not been able to stream videos, and I watch a lot of BBC documentaries on You Tube.

It has been frustrating. I called my computer Guru who has bough many routers and repeaters for me without success. He was a student of mine when I was Prof. of Computer Science at the state’s second largest university.

He found the answer! It is Linksys Velop (who names these things?) and it is a modular system, available on Amazon. We went immediately to the largest, three node system and everything is solid!

Finally a WiFi that delivers the range and speed that others have promised.

Passivity is Not a Cure to Crime

So what is to be done about school shootings?

My gut reaction is to take two recent school shooters, and serially punish them on TV like the Medieval Brits did (although the Brits didn’t have TV!) We could hang them until half dead, cut them down, disembowel them alive, cut their heads off and put their heads on a stake.

Then I remember that doing this, often, did not stop evil in ancient Britain, although ancient British life was brutish, and the gruesome executions were not much worse than dying in battle by swords. Today, the delta between life and a gruesome and painful death would have more impact. I suspect it might dissuade the next school shooter, but the method is not possible in today’s culture. It certainly would dissuade those too cowardly to engage the police, and surrender rather than end their own lives.

So, what to do? I favor a substantial presence of a special force of ex-military with combat experience, and face recognition cameras that can see across the entry by a long distance. I also favor not mentioning the shooters by name, just assign them a number. Getting the media to volunteer would be nearly impossible.

Of course, we could just wait for the copy-cat series to play itself out, and that is apparently the current methodology but it carries great risk for more student deaths. I think that is unacceptable. Passivity is seldom a good methodology against crime, and school shootings are awful crimes.

Useless Maneuver

North Korea apparently read “The Art of the Deal” because their move to threaten to cancel the Summit Meeting is just trying to take the advantage back from Washington.

The facts on the ground have not changed: The embargo continue to bite, and two Carrier Groups are on call. The Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine is somewhere near Wonsan, and its firepower alone could turn North Korea into a COSTCO parking lot, but a submerged submarine is not visible.

Since China continues to enforce the embargo, and Russia does not, the embargo is not complete but it bites nonetheless. The longer the negotiations continue, the less likely the threat of kinetic energy, or North Korea hopes and probably it is so at least absent another NK missile launch.

If there were to be an actual missile launch, then for certain Trump would cancel the meeting and whistle the Carrier Groups back on station, but right now Kim Jong Un is in a complete secondary negotiating position. Tump is right that if the Summit falls apart, the United States is still in the best position

Idiots Challenging John McCain

Do these idiots on Facebook think they can make spurious charges against John McCain without any citations, and not be checked by ANYONE.

This from ABC News.


Today, they’re still tight. “If you’ve walked through a fire together like that, you’ve shared an experience very few people can relate to,” says McNish, who was in a cell next to McCain’s in the prison known as the Hanoi Hilton.

Almost all of McCain’s former fellow captives like and respect him, even when they disagree. “I know him as a man, and that’s most important,” says Bill Austin, a former fighter pilot downed a few weeks before McCain. “He is who he says he is.”

As to the Carrier incident:

The OFFICIAL investigation of the Carrier incident is at http://www.jag.navy.mil/library/investigations/USS%20FORRESTAL%20FIRE%2012%20AUG%2069%20PT%201.pdf


Finally, it is charged that Nixon had to pardon McCain for McCains behaviors in prison. Nixon pardoned 923 people. McCain is not on the list, which is https://www.justice.gov/pardon/pardons-granted-president-richard-nixon-1969-1974

Camping Out

I am officially a Displaced Person!

Several weeks ago, a broken outside sprinkler caused a flood of our bathroom and bedroom. The main damage was our 3/4“ Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor which we were warned at the start was no longer being produced when we put it in four years ago.

We meanwhile, have moved into our study, which virtually envelopes our side-by-side electric beds, and we are reduced to use the Guest Bath with our General Factorum and his wife, who maintain our gardens and provide light night Caregiving.

This is not fun! It must end!

The restoration company promises, daily, that they will find us an exact floor match, or the equivalent in solid wood.

I am too old for “Camping Out!”

I’ll Not Miss The Nuclear Treaty With Iran

I support Trump pulling out of the Iranian Nuclear deal for one simple reason: Iran will not let the Inspection Team onto “military Bases” to conduct inspections.

Reuters : ANKARA (Reuters) – Iran has dismissed a U.S. demand for United Nations nuclear inspectors to visit its military bases as “merely a dream”.


NPR says: “Nobody is allowed to visit Iran’s military sites,” Ali Akbar Velayati told reporters in Iran recently, calling the push for such inspections a threat to its national security. Velayati is an adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


Iran has vast military bases, but if Inspectors are turned away, then that is a violation of the Treaty.

Mother Nature Attacks Sandwich Islands

My “Second Home”” (Hawaii) is under direct attack by Mother Nature!

First, parts of the Island of Kauai, received 70 inches of water in 24 hours. (Yes, that number is correct!)

That happened just a couple of weeks ago near the town of Hanalei, which was where I will go to die if I have the choice. The community of Hanalei was virtually destroyed, and my “Buddy” in nearby Princeville “Only” registered 17 inches on his rain gauge…as if 17 inches of rain in 24 hours isn’t enough! That’s twice our average annual rainfall in San Diego.

Now the vent under the “Big Isle” that builds all of the Hawaiian Isles, one at a time as each completed island moves, slowly, away to make room for the next island, is blowing lava again. That is being accompanied by earthquakes!

I have been to Hawaii 26 times, for an average of six weeks at a time. I love Kauai.

The islands are under attack!