Mother Nature Attacks Sandwich Islands

My “Second Home”” (Hawaii) is under direct attack by Mother Nature!

First, parts of the Island of Kauai, received 70 inches of water in 24 hours. (Yes, that number is correct!)

That happened just a couple of weeks ago near the town of Hanalei, which was where I will go to die if I have the choice. The community of Hanalei was virtually destroyed, and my “Buddy” in nearby Princeville “Only” registered 17 inches on his rain gauge…as if 17 inches of rain in 24 hours isn’t enough! That’s twice our average annual rainfall in San Diego.

Now the vent under the “Big Isle” that builds all of the Hawaiian Isles, one at a time as each completed island moves, slowly, away to make room for the next island, is blowing lava again. That is being accompanied by earthquakes!

I have been to Hawaii 26 times, for an average of six weeks at a time. I love Kauai.

The islands are under attack!

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