Idiots Challenging John McCain

Do these idiots on Facebook think they can make spurious charges against John McCain without any citations, and not be checked by ANYONE.

This from ABC News.

Today, they’re still tight. “If you’ve walked through a fire together like that, you’ve shared an experience very few people can relate to,” says McNish, who was in a cell next to McCain’s in the prison known as the Hanoi Hilton.

Almost all of McCain’s former fellow captives like and respect him, even when they disagree. “I know him as a man, and that’s most important,” says Bill Austin, a former fighter pilot downed a few weeks before McCain. “He is who he says he is.”

As to the Carrier incident:

The OFFICIAL investigation of the Carrier incident is at


Finally, it is charged that Nixon had to pardon McCain for McCains behaviors in prison. Nixon pardoned 923 people. McCain is not on the list, which is

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