Useless Maneuver

North Korea apparently read “The Art of the Deal” because their move to threaten to cancel the Summit Meeting is just trying to take the advantage back from Washington.

The facts on the ground have not changed: The embargo continue to bite, and two Carrier Groups are on call. The Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine is somewhere near Wonsan, and its firepower alone could turn North Korea into a COSTCO parking lot, but a submerged submarine is not visible.

Since China continues to enforce the embargo, and Russia does not, the embargo is not complete but it bites nonetheless. The longer the negotiations continue, the less likely the threat of kinetic energy, or North Korea hopes and probably it is so at least absent another NK missile launch.

If there were to be an actual missile launch, then for certain Trump would cancel the meeting and whistle the Carrier Groups back on station, but right now Kim Jong Un is in a complete secondary negotiating position. Tump is right that if the Summit falls apart, the United States is still in the best position

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