Passivity is Not a Cure to Crime

So what is to be done about school shootings?

My gut reaction is to take two recent school shooters, and serially punish them on TV like the Medieval Brits did (although the Brits didn’t have TV!) We could hang them until half dead, cut them down, disembowel them alive, cut their heads off and put their heads on a stake.

Then I remember that doing this, often, did not stop evil in ancient Britain, although ancient British life was brutish, and the gruesome executions were not much worse than dying in battle by swords. Today, the delta between life and a gruesome and painful death would have more impact. I suspect it might dissuade the next school shooter, but the method is not possible in today’s culture. It certainly would dissuade those too cowardly to engage the police, and surrender rather than end their own lives.

So, what to do? I favor a substantial presence of a special force of ex-military with combat experience, and face recognition cameras that can see across the entry by a long distance. I also favor not mentioning the shooters by name, just assign them a number. Getting the media to volunteer would be nearly impossible.

Of course, we could just wait for the copy-cat series to play itself out, and that is apparently the current methodology but it carries great risk for more student deaths. I think that is unacceptable. Passivity is seldom a good methodology against crime, and school shootings are awful crimes.

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