The Keys to Fort Knox?

The meeting between Un and Trump is already a success, at least by their criteria.

The NK gets recognition as a World Power, by meeting the leader of the Free World. The US President gets to check off a campaign promise, and test his negotiating skills.

But the NKoreans giving up the Nukes that got them here? No chance! The NKoreans will chance Trumps kinetic attack, risking everything against the US testing WWIII.

The NKoreans hold all the cards. They have the Nukes. They have the missiles. Our military is badly degraded both in size and spare parts. Yes, we could pulverize the North, but at what risk to bringing in China and Russia, each of which is not too much of a challenge, but both of which together are very dangerous.

Trump has his work cut out. What can he offer, short of the keys to Fort Knox, to get Un to give up “what got him to this point”?

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