The SCOTUS “Big Day”

The Janus union dues decision was no real shock to government unions because there was a similar case in 2016 that tied in the Supreme Court 4-4 after the death of Justice Scalia, so government unions have been mentally preparing for the 5-4 decision. Justice Gorsuch guaranteed that loss of union power. The two huge teacher unions expect to lose 10% of their members, and 10% of their income.

That leaves the retirement of Justice Kennedy as the real news out of SCOTUS, and I am of two minds about Justice Kennedy, because he was indeed the swing vote. He was a conservative, but he was not a CONSERVATIVE!

The CNN Legal Analyst declared Roe v Wade dead. It should be dead, although I favor a woman’s right to an abortion before a Cognitive Brain Wave. The problem with Roe V Wade is that “abortion” is not in the Constitution. Neither is the Right to Privacy on which SCOTUS based Roe v Wade. it should have fallen under the 10th Amendment.

A real conservative SCOTUS will actually USE the 10th Amendment, a Part of the Constitution that has been invisible for decades, as the federal government has devoured more and more opportunities to give federal government more power.

Of course a highly conservative Court could feed a highly conservative federal power, as well….let’s hope they “reserve to the states.”


SCOTUS barely confirmed the Constitutional power of the president, despite the Left trying to throw equality, religion, intent and other quite immaterial roadblocks into the argument.

Perhaps intent was the Lefts’ primary argument, based on Trump’s anti-Muslim comments. My reading of the Constitution gives the president control of national security and it doesn’t say “unless he is bigoted.” I am old enough to remember the old radio show called The Shadow, and its intro “No one knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man.”

The temporary ban has been in effect since December, but this makes it the Law.

One can bet that the Justices had a row on this and probably on the question still to be announced about the requirement that governments collect union dues. A series of 5-4 votes will do that to a Court. If Justice Kennedy, 81 and on the Court for 30 years as a swing vote, decides to retire, the Court will move solidly to the right. Justice Kennedy has indicated a desire to retire.

What the Left will do to if they have no chance of winning at SCOTUS, and what the Right will push when they can push legal remedies will be an important thing to watch.

Meanwhile, the series of Republican judicial wins can do nothing but enrage the Left in their efforts to mob and intimidate Administration officials, and I applaud the president for assigning Sarah Sanders a Secret Service detail. It is obvious that President Trump will not tolerate much more against the administration members, and his comment in assigning the Secret Service, “Not on my watch.”

As a Columnist, I had my home firebombed three times by a guy who disagreed with me. What he didn’t know as he drove by taunted me, is that I carried an S&W Chief, and, as a retired licensed SCCA racing driver, I drove one of the fastest cars in the County. I didn’t need police or Secret Service, but I would have preferred that, although the brief confrontation was decidedly one-sided.

If the Left is seeking nationwide physical confrontations, they too will find the confrontation decidedly one-sided. I urge EVERYONE to be civil. I have seen too much threatening going on in blogs.


Escrache? Really?

Wow! Not many words can get me to reach for the dictionary, but “Escrache” certainly did when I read it in a POLITICO article by Marc Caputo and Daniel Lippmann.

Not since the death of William F. Buckley Jr. has a word so enticed me, so I opted for the Wikipedia with such alacrity.

The term was used to describe the Yahoo wing of the Progressive Left’s penchant for mobbing restaurants and private homes of Trump administration executives and supporters, and indeed the word was taken from late 1800s political mobbing in Argentina. It is a perfectly good word, although the practice in a democracy seems inane at best because what it appears is simply a refusal to accept the results of an election.

Their candidate lost. Mine did also, but I accept that Trump is president and the demonstrators are sore losers. The precedent the Yahoos set can easily be duplicated when their candidate does win, and to be honest I will quickly tire of either side acting boorish in public places.

So, what is to be done? First we should see if the Democratic Party leadership can calm their Yahoos. If they don’t, then to keep equally rabid counter-demontstrators from the Right, and possible violence, I suggest the Secret Service or FBI step in. You would be surprised how civil one can become when confronted by an unsmiling, trim six-footer with an earpiece, a lapel microphone, and a bulge going down the right side of his suit jacket. They can be really playful off duty in foreign cities, I am told, but they appear to be all business when on “Detail.”

Since Schumer and Pelosi would like to enjoy peace and quiet in their lives, they have an incentive to calm the “troubled waters,” and Maxine “Troubled” Waters, also.

How Many Illiterates is Enough?

I have a question?

Do we need to import more illiterates?

Do we not have enough?

As you should know, I was the Mexican Connection for 22 years. Many lived in my home before the Reagan Amnesty, and even today in the bedroom next to mine are two Guatemalan Green Card holders. (He was my gardener for 15 years, and he maintains my property. After two years, he and his wife must move because she is pregnant. We are 85 years old and need quiet.)

My General Factorum, as I call him, is illiterate. His wife is illiterate. Of the hundred or so who lived on my property when I was the Mexican Connection, 100% were illiterate. The amazing thing is that local schools offer night classes in Spanish to English, but none of those whom I knew ever went to those classes.

Most have no better than a third grade education, and that is a third grade Mexican or Guatemalan etc. education. My General Factorum couple only watch Spanish TV in their room, but one night they stopped by my Family Room while a Space X rocket was going off, and I mentioned our Moon walk — he could not believe that men have walked on the Moon. News to him!

Last night I was watching a 60 Minutes segment on an Island off Scotland. He asked where it was and I said Scotland. He said “In United States.” I said, “No, in Europe.” He asked, “What is that?”

For many years I have urged him to go to class, prepare for citizenship, and become a citizen. His wife finally got her Green Card, and joined him, and became pregnant. She now goes to a free clinic, gets WIC, and her child will be a US citizen. My couple will claim family status, remain in the US, get free education for the child but remain illiterate themselves.

My General Factorum is a pretty successful gardener…he has two trucks (one a brand new 2018 truck), and, good for him, he pays taxes. I know because he had to amend his 2016 tax submission because he had claimed too little to get his wife a Green Card.

He is reliable, totally trustworthy, and as illiterate as a nine year old. His wife is even more illiterate. Every illegal I knew, and I arranged work for hundreds back in the day, was illiterate.

Don’t we have enough native illiterates? Do we need to import them?

Dark Brown Smelly Stuff

Let’s all admit it, Trump stepped in it biggly, with his Zero Tolerance, which involved child separation.

At some point he discovered that it was a PR nightmare. It was. It is. It will be, for months!

Every “optics” was bad. It mobilized the Mothers Of America United into a primal scream, and that is never good. Trump can’t win that. Nobody can, but Trump least of all. He has little margin of error with women!

Trump seemed on track to get his wall, and more before he was caught on his back foot, but the Republicans, never organized, are now so higgly-piggly that they hardly exist at all. They are unlikely to have more House members after the election than today, and if they can’t get a bill organized today, then any immigration bill is sunk.

And Trump is to blame. I said before it was a highly chancy bet, one that carried huge risk, and if it worked it would be wonderful, but it didn’t. He risked a lot, and lost. The bad news is that he lost a lot that he can’t recover.

It was an all-or-nothing bet that turned out to be dark brown smelly stuff.

My Plan to Solve Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a classic cost/benefit problem.

The “cost” is the social and financial cost of the families of illegal alien workers in school, medical and criminal activities. The “benefit” is the workers’ labor in activities where American labor is lacking.

Most solutions call for some deportation of otherwise law-abiding women and children. This raises the hackles on the necks of many Americans.

My plan, described below, institutes a “carrot” to entice those families to self-deport, and a “stick” if they do not take the carrot. (All at no additional cost to the taxpayers.)

1) Secure the border.

2) Deport all convicted criminal illegal aliens.

3) Double (or even triple) legal immigration from all Latin American countries.

4) Institute a worker program with all current illegal alien workers in specific labor categories eligible for a 10-year Green Card (renewable in five-year increments on good behavior) – if (and only if) they agree to have their non-American-citizen family members immediately move back to their home country. (Violators will lose their Green Card status).

5) Institute a controlled guest worker program of new workers, based on two-year, unaccompanied tours (renewable three times on good behavior).

This proposal would blunt claims of racism, decrease immeasurably the social cost drain on the taxpayer, and provide a large source for low-cost labor while keeping the remittances to Latin American countries generally untouched.

This is a win-win situation in which there is an incentive for self-deportation of those who are a drain on taxpayers, while keeping the benefit(s) of labor in a known and regulated manner.

I like illegal aliens. I have fed them, housed them, arranged for their work, and collected their just debts – all at no cost. But I hate illegal immigration because the social cost has far exceeded the labor benefit.

Let’s discuss humane solutions to human problems, and leave the punitive methods to the most egregious matters. Deportation is a method more suitable to a problem that requires instant solutions – our illegal alien population has lived with us with minimal problems for many decades and while we need to address the problem, it should be addressed in a less contentious manner than letting line-breakers stay at the front of the line or deportation.

And make no mistake, the Democrats’ policy will leave the line-breakers at the head of the line – they remain comfortable in the U.S. for years while other Latinos who have behaved properly remain in Rio, or Mexico City.

My proposal has added importance since the passing of the health care bill. Those self-deporting are at the low end of the economic scale and will require subsidies, while those who apply for the increased legal immigration must by law have a sponsor who attests that he or she will pick up the economic slack if the immigrant is not capable.

We trade educated Latino immigrants in a legal status for basically uneducated Latino immigrants in an illegal status.

Further, the Democrats’ proposal does not address at all the millions of illegal aliens who choose not to even apply for American citizenship!

Mine does. Humanely


If Trump can use the separation of children as a lever to get good immigration, so be it! If Trump can get free trade by leveraging threats of tariffs against virtually every country, so be it.

Negotiation is tricky business. Always. It doesn’t always work to threaten, and if threatening doesn’t work you are often left with nowhere to go.

Backing down from a threat is something Trump would not do lightly in the presidential office. It’s too public. Trump would never take a public defeat.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with the compromises of some sort, and Trump wants to compromise on his term

I personally think Greg Gutfeld has the right solution: Line up buses at the border, fill them up and take them back. That would deny true Refugees a right to seek Asylum, but every Swinging Richard in Central and South America knows the proper words to seek Refugee Status whether they deserve it or not. There is no way to investigate the claims of 50,000 requests a month.

We have 20 million refugees already. Enough is enough!