Will The Last Person Out, Turn off….

The WaPo is reporting that Venezuela is “emptying out” of teachers, attorneys, oil workers, doctors, electricians…

They have lost 12,000 teachers, 2,000 transit workers…and with 14,000% hyperinflation it now takes five days of average workers wages to earn enough to buy a dozen eggs.

It appears that Venezuela has lost 700,000 of its residents so far and it continues at about 5,000 residents each day.

Michael Moore and other idiot Hollywood luminaries supported the Leftists running Venezuela in their Socialist/Communist Government, but we don’t see them flying down

To shake the hand of Maduro any longer.


Moving In The Right Direction, But Slightly

The 7-2 decision by SCOTUS giving some freedom back to the baker who was sued by a gay couple.

A 7-2 decision is NOT a “close” decision as called by some on CNN. It is instead a solid decision, just short of a unanimous decision because the two die-had liberals, Ginsburg and Sotomayor could not be dragged into voting for freedom.

I regret that the freedom is constrained by religion in the decision. The freedom position is that the baker could refuse service, “just because.”