Lightening Could Strike

On the California situation: Travis Allen was actually the better candidate for Governor, but Trump’s endorsement was enough to propel Cox into the race for Governor.

Cox would not normally stand a chance against Democrat Gavin Newsom, except California is rumbling in volcanic fever, fueled by a massive gas tax, the Sanctuary State Law, and a rapid exodus of the Middle Class to other states. California is the richest state, fifth in the world with a GCP greater than Britain but it is also the poorest with more poor people than any other state.

A recent US tax code change has threatened to make it far more expensive for the rich to remain in this high tax state, likely fueling an exodus of some of our very rich.

So, does the Republican candidate, Cox, stand a chance? Not really, but the gas tax recall is on the ballot, and that may bring enough voters to do the recall and defeat Newsom, who does support the gas tax.

Lightening could strike.

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