One wonders what the Republican California gubernatorial platform will be, but this is a target rich environment.

Unbeknownst to most people, the state has a new law, (admittedly not going into effect for some years) that limits the water use in households to first 55 gallons a person and then 50 gallons. In effect, one could not shower and do laundry the same day. Repealing that Law would be a good place to start, except it is not threatening in the current sense.

Still, repealing the new and onerous gas tax, which is on the same ballot and can be hung around Newsom’s neck like a collar, and, of course the state-wide Sanctuary Law. We did manage to send a message in this last election by thoroughly defeating, in fact recalling, the idiot whose vote cinched the gas tax.

The platform COULD overcome Cox’s fumbling ways. He is Chicago transplant and doesn’t understand California deeply, the way Newsom does. Newsom is relatively young, energetic and as a former Mayor of San Francisco, knows all the liberal talking points without spending a minute in preparation. He will tear Cox a new one in debates, and Cox doesn’t have “fire in the belly” which is needed in modern politics.

People are fleeing California in droves, I loose my flooring guy to Washington State this month, but others arrive…mostly the homeless. No sense being homeless in Buffalo when you can be homeless in California. The last I heard we had 12% of the population and 34% of the welfare cases.


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