Uncle Sucker

Tariffs are such a tangled mess of jumbles, unequal equities and unreasonable reasonable situations…

The United States has tariffs, on peanuts, sugar (since 1793), paper clips, canned tuna, and…

Our paper clip tariff against China is a hefty 127%.

Now it is perfectly obvious that China’s 25% tariff against the US cars hurts us a lot more than the 127% tariff against CHinese paper clips hurts China, and it is reasonable to look at tariffs and see if they are in need a sunset clauses. Of course Trump thinks we have given away the store in the North Korean nuclear negotiations (true), and the same people negotiating for tariff may not have been any better.

Singapore has 0.00, average tariff. Hong Kong the same and still the same with Switzerland. Canada itself, overall, at 0.85, but Dairy Products are 270%, our president assures us.

I can see in my mind, because I have heard enough comments from liberals over the years say similar things, that our negotiators believed in helping others at our expense, because there was a huge disparity in economic and military power. Indeed, FOX news posted the relative economic power of the nation’s at the G-7 conference — the US exceeds all other conferees together.

If it is true as the president says that other countries are taking advantage of us, it was done purposely. We have been reluctant to use our economic power, and our military power. Yes, we invaded Afghanistan, and stayed too long, the same with Iraq. But we permitted the North Koreans to get nukes, Iran to get too close, and China to successfully challenge the freedom of the seas.

Our new economic and military stance is indeed more muscular. I hope we don’t overdo it, but we have certainly underdone it in the past, so we need a rest. Trump,, to his credit, understands that we have been Uncle Sucker long enough.