A Good Start

It is an unbreakable rule, developed over decades of being a computer professional, that I would never, under any circumstance, buy anything that was Version 1.0.

Unfortunately, my wife’s Alzheimer’s decline could not wait for the OcculusGo (standalone Virtual Reality) to get to Version 2.0. That means giving up a lot of software, that still needs to be developed for this, the very first real consumer-oriented Virtual Reality.

First, the entire VR world appears to be mostly aimed at juveniles, not unexpectedly since we adults don’t buy a lot of devices until they, and their software are mature. This will be a long climb, so adults who are not enamored with roller coaster rides, or cartoons will not need to jump into this pool.

The good news is that no cell phone is needed except for the setup. The visual unit is truly independent, but it is somewhat limited by the interior rechargeable battery. I am certain that the length of battery is a trade off with weight. One doesn’t need a heavy headset, and this one is delightfully light.

Three recommendations: All content that must be downloaded should have a counter, so that long downloads could be dumped. The second recommendation is that the length of every content should be noted in the beginning. Third, more mature content such as more travelogues should be developed for mature audiences.

But it’s a good start.

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