Golf Is For Those Too Old For Sex!

Golf is a dying sport. That is not news.

What is news is that it frees up a lot of golf course property for development in urban areas. At about 150 acres each, a golf course could theoretically provide housing for thousands of people, and in expensive cities, that could ease a housing shortage.

San Diego is one such City. Zillow lists 14 areas nearing “crises” levels, and of the 14 areas, six are in California. San Diego is fifth on the list. The daily newspapers and TV news shows have highlighted the problem, and it is generally accepted that it is regulations and environmental lawsuit delays that increase the cost and reduce the density.

At one point, San Diego County boasted of 65 golf courses. At 150 acres each, that is a lot of ill used land. I live on a recently remodeled golf course, and the number of rounds of golf are obviously down substantially. Nationally, the number of golfers has dropped from 30 million to 20 million, and that is obvious on our golf course.

Golf courses are closing all over San Diego County and each one is the subject of housing plans, surrounding resident’s lawsuits, and costly delays. The real estate of golf courses, costly to begin with, becomes even costlier during delays, and in California it takes three or four times the regulation delays encountered in other states.